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Avoid These Common Bad Dental Habits

Most people tend to basic habits like brushing and even flossing. However, they are still oblivious to bad imperceptible dental habits because they aren’t easily-recognizable situations.  We break down the top bad dental habits that most people are unaware of:
   1. Over-brushing


What might seem like an effective way to clean teeth thoroughly will end up doing more harm than good. Over-brushing damages tooth enamel significantly because the brush constantly rubs against the teeth even after the point of cleaning off the layer of food waste and bacteria from teeth. Brushing your teeth for more than a minute can injure the gum tissue as the brush can abuse the tenuous flesh.

    2. Opening Packages With Teeth

old toothbrush

This practice is outstandingly horrible for teeth as numerous chemicals and bacteria get in between your teeth while struggling around with your teeth to rip open a plastic wrap. It’s a common myth that the strength of your teeth will increase based on ripping or chewing items apart. Your oral health is not worth the risk that a pair of scissors can easily fix.

    3. Nail Biting

oral health bad habits

One of the most common habits, nail biting, has terrible impacts not just because of the hard texture of the nail. Your nails also trap various bacteria and food molecules especially when working or eating with hands. More of these can get in your teeth the longer you bite your nails.

    4. Continuous Use of a Toothbrush

old toothbrush

You might not think much of it but re-using an old toothbrush that has faced over half a year of use can actually heighten bacteria growth within your mouth rather than clean bacteria. This is due to bacteria growing with the brush layers especially since it is exposed to a moist, damp environment.

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