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5 Tips to Help Achieve Your Health Goals


When we set health goals for ourselves, it can be difficult to accomplish them. Working up to your potential means changing habits across multiple areas of your life, from the food you eat to your activity level. Whether you need to change your life due to a health problem or a simple interest in wellness, it is important that you create an environment in which you can succeed. Dr. Summit Shah shares his top five ways to help you meet your health goals.

Set Small, Attainable Goals

Rather than taking an all-or-nothing approach, it is wise to break down your goals into small, manageable pieces. For example, instead of fixating on a 50-pound weight loss, work on 5 pounds at a time. This will keep you from getting discouraged and will prevent you from becoming cynical about your chances of success.

This principle applies to any area where you need to make changes in your life. Try it in other areas of your life as well.

Work on One Area at a Time

When setting goals for yourself, be sure to work on one area at a time. Stacking too many goals together can make changing your life seem impossible. It’s wiser to think of all of your goals as separate from each other. For example, if you are trying to increase the number of miles you run each day, don’t tie this into a weight loss goal. Concentrate on one thing at a time, and you’ll find that everything is easier to manage.

Work Around Limitations

When you are setting goals for yourself, you may need to adjust your expectations due to mitigating factors. Your health goal may be unrealistic. Take your limitations into consideration and set your goals accordingly. For example, you may want to participate in a triathlon by a certain date. You may not have the endurance built up to participate on the specific date you want. Dr. Summit Shah recommends being flexible and being gentle with yourself if you can’t meet your original goal.

Have a Buddy

When you are working out or changing your diet, it’s a great idea to have a friend who is sharing your experience. The two of you can encourage each other to go to the gym and work out, or you can run together. You can visit healthy restaurants together and avoid the temptations of daily life. Having a health and fitness buddy will help you achieve your goals, and it will also enrich your life.

Give Yourself Rewards

While it isn’t recommended to have a large piece of chocolate cake to celebrate meeting a fitness milestone, it is a great idea to give yourself little rewards along the way. When you meet your small and attainable goals, give yourself a non-food-related treat like going out to see a movie or taking a special day trip with a friend. When you give yourself small rewards, you’ll be able to get through the process of getting healthy with better spirits.

Creating health and fitness goals for yourself doesn’t have to be complicated. Follow our five steps and find out how you can succeed. Make attainable goals. Work on one area at a time. Be sure to consider your limitations and make your goals realistic. Have a fitness buddy to help you keep your spirits up. Finally, give yourself small and tangible rewards.

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