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Cosmetic Dentistry

dr sid solomon dds cosmetic dentistry

Los Angeles dentist Dr. Sid Solomon is one of the foremost practitioners of cosmetic dentistry, addressing the needs of his patients through his highly respected dental practice, the Center for Cosmetic, Implant & Neuromuscular Dentistry. With three offices conveniently located throughout the city of Los Angeles, the Center for Cosmetic, Implant & Neuromuscular Dentistry offers a full range of services relating to cosmetic dentistry, including porcelain veneers, ceramic fillings and bondings, and laser teeth whitening and laminates.

www.timetosmile.com – Dr. Sid Solomon’s official cosmetic website

Dr. Solomon brings 30 years of dental experience to his practice, and he has dedicated his career to aiding patients as they seek to restore their beautiful smile through the services offered by the doctor at the Center for Cosmetic, Implant & Neuromuscular Dentistry. As Dr. Solomon often notes, cosmetic dentistry restores the beauty of the patient’s smile while also instilling a greater sense of self-confidence through the use of comfortable procedures designed to address everything from a gap between the teeth to the whitening of stained or discolored teeth.