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Dealing with Toothaches

1) Swish some saltwater:
Saltwater kills some bacteria and serves as a cleansing tool when gargled. The alkalinity of the salt helps to remove bacteria by balancing the acidic content of the teeth responsible for bacteria.


2) Use a more sensitive-teeth friendly toothpaste:
sensitive teeth
You might have to change your toothpaste if you are getting toothaches especially after brushing. The fluorine content of the toothpaste needs to change according to your own body’s needs.


3) See a TMJ specialist:
If you have constant sharp teeth pain from pressure of your jaw squeezing against your teeth, then you might have to see a TMJ specialist to make sure that your jaw is structured ideally rather than misaligned.


4) Apply clove oil:
Clove oil
Clove oil provides a temporary relief for tooth pain. Just remember that the pain will most likely come back eventually after you swab some oil on your teeth with a piece of cotton or tissue.


5) Use antiseptic mouthwash:
Plaque bacteria in your mouth could be the cause of toothaches. If so, one mouthwash swish can get rid of your pain.

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