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Dr. Eldor Brish MD Shares How Chronic Pain Treatments Can Help Maintain Your Fitness Levels

Coping with chronic pain can be a stressful, anxiety producing experience. However, there are ways to manage the pain while at the same time improving your mobility and function. Interventional pain management provides minimally invasive procedures to reduce the debilitating impact of chronic pain on the body while significantly improving mobility. There are several recommendations for chronic pain sufferers on how interventional pain treatments can improve their fitness levels and their life.

Chronic pain can reduce fitness levels

It is universally understood that issues of chronic pain can significantly reduce the desire to exercise, having a knock-on effect on the body’s overall fitness levels and creating a continuous loop of pain and inactivity that could have severe consequences on the body, mind, and spirit of a patient. Expert in interventional pain management, Dr. Eldor Brish, recommends that patients dealing with chronic pain conditions continue to lightly exercise to avoid the following negative effects of their chronic pain disorder:


  • Depression and mood disorders
  • Muscle loss
  • Stiff joints
  • Arthritis
  • Weight gain and obesity

While maintaining fitness levels while struggling with acute pain may be more challenging, it can be done. There are treatment options available now to aid in pain relief to get a patient back on their feet.

You can remain fit while coping with chronic pain

For many who are living with the problems of acute pain conditions, finding just the right form of pain relief can be a challenge. There is some trial and error involved in discovering the right treatment plan. However, Dr. Eldor Brish MD can provide solid treatment options that can help chronic pain sufferers manage their pain and improve waning fitness levels.

Managing pain levels by utilizing interventional pain management offers users specialized treatment techniques, such as radiofrequency rhizotomy, to directly manage pain sources and provide relief.

Factors to consider when exercising with chronic pain

Dr. Brish advises there are several things to consider when seeking to maintain fitness levels while dealing with chronic pain. One of the most important factors to take into consideration is working with a doctor or physical therapist to discover the most comprehensive exercise plan for you. Working with a doctor or therapist when exercising with chronic pain helps streamline a solid exercise routine to get the most out of the workout while protecting against any complications.

Putting together a solid fitness plan should take into consideration the following:

  • Your Fitness level
  • The type of pain being experienced
  • What type of exercise activities you enjoy

Working with a medical team while coping with chronic pain issues allows a patient to develop an exercise plan individually tailored to them. It also provides a solid, non-judgmental sounding board to talk through any problem situations that might arise.

Some approaches to relieve chronic pain

There are several approaches to put together a solid plan for fitness while dealing with chronic pain which incorporates emotional support therapy coupled with different types of prescription treatments. Some of the most commonly used treatments in interventional pain management are injections and radiofrequency rhizotomy. Injections work to numb pain at nerve endings allowing pain relief to go directly to root nerves that are inflamed. With injections, the course of treatment is 2 to 3 injections to receive maximum benefit. Radiofrequency rhizotomy provides pain relief for up to 6 to 12 months after treatment using a needle with an electrode to temporality turn off a nerve’s ability to transmit pain signals to the brain.

You can maintain fitness levels while dealing with chronic pain

It may take time to discover the right comprehensive pain treatment plan for you. The techniques advised by Dr. Eldor Brish MD and interventional pain management teams can reduce pain while improving a patient’s quality of life. If you’re seeking to maintain your fitness while dealing with pain, have a discussion with your doctor to discover the right treatment plan for you.

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