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Dr. Sid Solomon: Instructor for Therapeutic Botox

As a dental professional, “Botox” isn’t really a word that has frequented the office; however, that is changing rapidly! Therapeutic Botox is quickly becoming a profitable procedure for California dental professionals to incorporate in their practices. Dr. Sid Solomon, DDS has been providing excellent neuromuscular and cosmetic dentistry in Los Angeles, California for nearly thirty years, but he also teaches fellow dentists how to administer therapeutic Botox in an incredibly informative, hands-on one-day course.

Patients in the dental office, especially in California, are often getting Botox already. . . There is no reason for you not to be the one to administer it for them! In this course, Dr. Sid Solomon spends the first half of the day teaching the anatomy of the face and neck, reviewing all of the pre and post care forms necessary for the office, which are also provided following the course, introducing the advanced skills and knowledge needed to inject safely as well as how to avoid, and fix, potential issues, and finally, the A-Z of administering the Botox. After lunch, Dr. Solomon then starts the hands-on portion of the course, during which the attendees of the class physically learn to inject the Botox into their own “model” patient.

Therapeutic Botox is an incredibly efficient way to help with many cranial disorders, including headaches, bruxism, teeth grinding, and TMJ Disorder. Because the Botox prevents the muscles from moving, a lot of over activity and tension is diminished upon injection. Upon completion of this course, attendees receive 7 CE units, for even added benefits! For more information, or to sign up today, please visit our website http://faceacademy.org/

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