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Getting to know Dr. Sid Solomon, DDS

Dr. Sid Solomon, DDS is a TMJ expert and neuromuscular dentist that has been practicing for nearly three decades! After years of education, including his Bachelors from UCLA, his DDS from the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry, and many further courses and classes at the Las Vegas School of Advanced Dental Studies. Dr. Solomon, DDS currently practices out of three locations.

Not only is Dr. Sid Solomon, DDS a cosmetic dentistry expert, he is also a creator! He invented the Unitox syringe, which is a syringe created specifically for Botox; Unitox provides accuracy and simplicity when administering Botox. The measurements on the average syringe is intended for such a wide range of injectables, including Botox, Insulin, vitamins, and many other substances. The typical measurement on the average syringe differs from the “units” that Botox is measured in. This requires doctors to spend time doing the conversion, instead of speaking and building rapport with the patient.

Dr. Sid Solomon, DDS is an author as well! He published “Dream Big, Smile Big” in 2012, which is widely used by fellow doctors, and is also a resource to dental patients.

Lastly, Dr. Solomon, DDS is a teacher in his community. He started FACE, an academy that teaches other doctors how to incorporate Botox and other injectables into their offices, as well as his specialized way of injecting! He also serves the community as a guest lecturer all over!

For more about Dr. Sid Solomon, DDS, visit any of the following links, including a Huffington Post article written about him!


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