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How to Make Your Office Put Patients at Ease

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Patient anxiety is something anyone in the care profession has to take into account. It’s estimated that 18% of US adults have some form of anxiety disorder, and the number could well be higher. That means one in five of your patients could feel some sort of anxiety when they attend your practice.

The furniture you decide to choose could go a long way to helping them. But what sort of furniture can help with this?

Are You Keeping them Comfortable?

Comfort is the first step you have to take. That means you should opt against hard furniture. Make the patient as comfortable as possible physically.

Good options include leather sofas and fabric cushions. You should also make sure that you’re always sitting at a similar eye level to the patient.

That large office chair behind your desk could be intimidating. Getting down to the patient’s level can help to ease anxiety.

Sending the Right Welcome

It’s easy to think that the professional look is all about dark colors and desks made from mahogany. But it’s an imposing choice, even if it also happens to be professional.

That’s why doctors and nurses are being advised to opt for brighter colors. A well-lit room makes the space seem larger and less claustrophobic. It puts patients in an environment similar to someone’s living room.

That’s why a glass coffee table or a set of floral cushions are both excellent choices. Opt for furniture that’s youthful and trendy. The ‘coffee shop’ look is of great help to patients who struggle to open up in these situations.

Decorating the Room to Lower the Tension

There’s naturally a lot of tension in the air when patients are about to talk about something deeply personal. Do everything you can to lessen that tension. The job of any doctor or nurse is to be as friendly and caring as they possibly can.

The pictures you place on the wall and on your desk make an impact. If all you have are your medical certificates, you’re not doing enough.

Pick out a colorful frame and add some brighter colors to your sterile office. Even a generic print of a sunset or a picture of your loved ones can do a lot to make you seem more approachable.

Positioning Can Be Everything

Even the right furniture positioned incorrectly creates anxiety. For example, if there’s a long walk from the door to the desk it can make the patient feel like they’re walking to the gallows. Try to create a small, intimate scenario so it feels like they’re talking to a trusted friend.

Don’t put too much space between the different parts of your office. Try to make it intimate without being oppressive. Play around with things and see what the results are.

Last Word – Testing is the Key

Ultimately, you need to test out different combinations to see what works best for your patients. It’s all about trial and error, but by using a budget furniture retailer like JMD Furniture, you can do it without breaking the bank or compromising on quality.

Have you switched up your office furniture yet?


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