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The What and Why of Unitox

Because Dr. Sid Solomon, DDS’s passion is his relationship with his patients, he spends a great deal of time contemplating ways to better understand and build them. To cut back on time counting and converting CCs to Botox units, Dr. Solomon invented a syringe called Unitox, which is the first FDA approved syringe that measures in Botox units instead of CCs.

Now that Unitox has expanded, selling thousands of boxes to new and returning customers alike, the impact it has had on other doctors’ lives is outstanding. Doctors from all over the United States, and even outside of the USA, call and tell the staff at Unitox how much easier their life has been since the switch to Unitox.

Hear what others are saying:

Janet M.: “Ordering the product with Unitox was painless and fast. I called the Unitox office and was immediately transferred to the knowledgeable salesperson who was able to recommend the needed product and take my order.”

Bill S.: “The product is a quality medical product with easy, individual packaging and clear marking, both on the package the product.”

Dr. Sid Solomon, DDS’s devotion to creating the best treatment for his patient is the main reason he created Unitox, but it has far surpassed his vision of helping him and his associates: he has helped fellow doctors and their patients all over. If you want innovation in your practice, go to www.unitox.net and order a box of 100 individually packaged syringes today!

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