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Top 5 Dental Hygiene Tips

1) Avoid Smoking – Tobacco is addicting, and new research has found that not only can it give you lung cancer, but also oral cancer. Plus it makes your teeth appear more brown rather than the ideal white clean look. The smell itself also can nauseate many people around you, and will give you disgusting mouth odor.


calcium milk

2) Consume Calcium – Calcium is a vital mineral for oral health. Calcium strengthens the cells that boost your teeth’s health. Your teeth and gums need this essential mineral to remain strong and chew through food properly.

3) Visit the Dentist Frequently – This might sound obvious, but many people simply don’t trust their dentist. Later in life, they run into many teeth problems that result in tens of thousands of dollars to try to repair. Your dentist can help identify important cases like cavities. If you don’t trust your dentist, just switch to a different one rather than refusing to attend.

4) Chew Dentist-Approved Gum – The gum recommended by the American Dental Association is an important resource for stimulating saliva within the mouth which can salivate the mouth and clean teeth naturally. Plus, chewing gum kills bad odors and leaves your mouth feeling refreshed.


5) Mouthwash – The cherry-on-top that fills the final layer of cleaning after brushing and flossing. Mouthwash can remove most of the bacteria left that causes plaque, and it helps leave a radiant odor from your mouth.

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