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Trends to Look Out For in Plastic Surgery in 2018

The art of beautifying the body through surgical procedures has been around for quite some time. It is formally known as plastic surgery and has been used by millions of people who were looking for simple ways to modify their appearance. Experts like Dr. Usha Rajagopal are the ones responsible for all the satisfied patients that more often than not come for further maneuvers.

Some changes, however, have happened within this field in the last decade or so. This is why every year brings new trends that may impress people. So, what would be the most anticipated trends that will likely take place in 2018?

Botox Is Not Going Anywhere

As expected, Botox will not be departing the world of plastic surgery soon. It is one of the most grass-roots procedures because it is fairly straightforward and costs less than most others. The way it is performed usually depends on the area, but the most common principle is based on paralyzing muscles in the region that has problems with wrinkles or sagging skin. When the muscles cannot move, the skin will appear tight and not as old.

Well, in 2018 people will take advantage of this treatment just as much as they did in the last couple of years. It comes at a more competitive price because people will have to keep getting Botox in order to keep their results since muscles cannot stay paralyzed permanently from one single treatment.

Some indications exist that there will be a new version of Botox invented in the upcoming year. These are coming out of Michigan where experts who work in the same field as Dr. Usha Rajagopal are working on developing the substance. It remains to be seen if these are just rumors or if there will indeed be changes made to such a traditional procedure of plastic surgery.

Opinions on Size

When breast augmentation was at its peak, people were mostly interested in increasing the size of their breast. Of course, there were many who would simply want to improve the symmetry and shape of their breasts, yet the majority of women went for the additional size that was added through hardly visible incisions.

Nowadays, the world is trending smaller, perky-like breasts that require a different type of procedure. In 2018, it is fair to assume that the new Laser Bra Lift will gain momentum. It is a procedure that might overthrow the demand for the breast reduction maneuvers as it achieves a similar result. The way it is done has been discovered when tissue in this region was placed under a laser and the surgeon noticed that it reacts by becoming more smooth and elastic.

Some like to think of it as an internal bra because it will strengthen the tissue and make it work as a bra without any foreign material like silicon.


Just like Botox, the facelift method will likely never go away. It is a simple procedure that tightens one’s facial or neck skin. A benefit it has over Botox is the permanent effect as it will not have to be re-done in order to maintain the desired results. The underlying idea is based on removing wrinkles or loose skin by lifting off the fat from the muscle and moving it to where it would achieve the wanted objective. In order to keep the younger look, additional skin is cut off while the rest of the face remains tightened with minor incisions.

Procedures that tend to follow this one are most commonly related to fixing the way brows and eyelids look.

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