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Unitox and the Impact on Patient-Doctor Rapport

It is incredibly difficult to find a practicing doctor in any field who is not keenly aware of the importance of developing a personal rapport with each one of his or her patients. Every doctor understands that establishing a relationship with the patient is a key component of any type of medical care that allows the patient to feel comfortable enough to ask questions about their course of treatment and to place their trust in the expertise of their doctor.

The problem is not one of understanding the importance of establishing a doctor-patient rapport, however, as doctors find that increasing demands on their time diminishes their ability to work on developing a strong relationship with the patients under their care. It is for this reason that Dr. Sid Solomon invented Unitox, a specialty syringe designed specifically for administering BOTOX. An innovator with nearly 30 years of experience as a practicing dentist, Dr. Solomon quickly recognized the inherent inefficiency of using a syringe that required doctors to convert units of measurement throughout the procedure.

After growing concerned that he and other doctors were likely spending too much time on unit conversions while using syringes designed for Insulin, Dr. Solomon came up with a solution that would allow doctors to spend more time focusing on the needs of their patients rather than working on mathematical equations and conversions. This “chair time” could obviously be put to much better use, particularly as it relates to adopting an approach to administering BOTOX that ensures the patient is able to achieve the specific outcome they are seeking through treatment.

With the introduction of Unitox, Dr. Solomon has made it possible for doctors to easily apply the desired number of units with a greater deal of precision and accuracy. The FDA-approved specialty syringes designed by Dr. Solomon have accomplished precisely what its inventor intended, with both patients and doctors benefiting in a clear and significant manner from the use of the Unitox syringes created and patented by Dr. Solomon.

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