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Dr Sid Solomon DDS UNITOXWhen Dr. Sid Solomon invented Unitox, he did so with the understanding that both doctors and patients would benefit significantly from the enhanced efficiency and precision made possible through the specialty syringe designed for use in BOTOX procedures. Dr. Solomon’s syringe results in this added efficiency and precision by eliminating the need for doctors to utilize a conversion formula, as it was previously a common practice to use syringes designed for Insulin injections that were labeled with units of measure differing from those used in BOTOX procedures.

Since Dr. Solomon introduced his specialty Unitox syringes, doctors have been able to significantly reduce the amount of desk time needed to determine the proper measurements through unit conversion, which has made it possible to spend more time with the patient to discuss the procedure and address any questions the patient may have. With easy-to-read units appearing in increments of five and ranging from five up to 20, the syringes made available through Unitox reflect Dr. Solomon’s patient-centered approach as well as his penchant for innovation in all facets of the medical profession.