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Why Mouth-guards Are Actually Super Beneficial



Mouth-guards are mostly unused in today’s age because people think that they do not need them. However they can still protect against many forms of oral problems.

1) Sport injuries:

Teeth can significantly be damaged when playing sports. Let’s say that a basketball comes at your face and cracks your teeth. Not only would the operation cost thousands of dollars to repair, but you would wish that you were wearing a mouth-guard beforehand.

mouthguard football

2) Teeth Grinding

Sometimes teeth grinding can result in a lot of damage on your teeth because it chips away at the enamel. This condition, known as bruxism, can occur while you even sleep. Teeth grinding can also lead to TMJ through added pressure on the jaw and the teeth.


3) Jaw Joint Injury Prevention

Mouthguards are only usually associated with protecting teeth. However, they can actually prevent the jaw and the neck from being damaged by amplifying the cushion that it provides.

Jaw joint


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